Advanced Metering Infrastructure

BELCO is installing advanced meters to improve the efficiency and reliability of electricity service.

As we progress through the island wide rollout, we will be introducing additional customer benefits.

AMI is needed to help BELCO deliver better service levels, faster response times and more control to customers. It is also essential to the future growth of renewable energy sources and other initiatives such as electric vehicles.

The Benefits of AMI

Once AMI has been fully deployed, you will be able to:

Rely on better service

Set usage thresholds with notifications

You’ll get alerts when you’re nearing your threshold, enabling you to adjust your electricity usage and better manage your bill.

Monitor your daily energy usage

Through an online portal, making it easier to see what you’re using to help control and reduce your bill.

Receive more accurate bills

Estimated billing should be eliminated and billing will be accurate to within +/- 0.2%.

Choose your monthly billing date

Enjoy more reliable electricity

A signal will be received automatically from your meter when any abnormality, such as a power outage, occurs. This means faster responses and quicker restoration times without you having to call BELCO.

Opt into prepay plans

To help manage your spend and avoid billing surprises.

Questions you may have

What is Advanced Metering Infrastructure ?

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of advanced meters, communication networks and data management systems that enable two-way communication between a utility and its customers.

What is an advanced meter?

An advanced meter is a digital meter that contains a small computer chip and radio that enable information to be transmitted to and from BELCO over a secure network in near real-time.

Are advanced meters safe?


Safety comes first in everything we do. The AMI equipment being installed is compliant with international health and safety standards, including FCC regulations. We also took the extra step of conducting extensive independent research to ensure the wellbeing of the people of Bermuda, including ourselves, our families and friends.The results confirmed that the exposure to radio frequency from an AMI meter is much lower than transistor radio, cell phone, wireless computer mouse or even a baby monitor. It should also be noted that, under normal operation, each AMI meter transmits for a total of less than one second per 24-hour period. Proper installation of AMI is important to ensure the meters work properly and safely. That’s why BELCO has chosen to use our own, well-trained staff to undertake the island-wide installations and have put into place a robust due diligence process to confirm proper installation and equipment quality.  Any faulty equipment found when removing old meters will be replaced or repaired at BELCO’s expense.




How does BELCO benefit from AMI?


BELCO will receive more accurate, up to date information about every metered connection in its electricity system. This includes information on power quality, energy usage, outages and meter tampering. This will enable BELCO to operate the system more efficiently and reduce energy theft.


BELCO will be able to lower its operating costs through immediate power outage notifications, the ability to connect/disconnect customers remotely and quicker restoration
of power. 

Who will install the new advanced meters?

BELCO employees will install the meters, replacing your old analogue or digital meter with the new AMI device. We have chosen to keep the work in-house in the interest of quality control and safety. 

How will I know when my meter is being changed?

You should have received a letter or email with this flyer advising the anticipated timeframe of your new advanced meter installation. Installations will be undertaken during the normal work week, unless there is a reason why it must be performed outside of regular hours. You do not need to be at home when the work is done unless BELCO does not have access to your meter. A leaflet will be left after an installer visits your premise indicating the status of the job. As meters are the property of BELCO, you will not be charged for the meters or the installation work. 

Will the AMI system give BELCO access to my home computer system and personal information?


The AMI system transmits information between the meter and BELCO on a secure radio network. AMI does not show which appliances you are using and is not connected to your internet or home computer.

Is BELCO making any other improvements to the electricity system?


In conjunction with AMI, BELCO has implemented a new Outage Management System (OMS) to provide more accurate information to our customers and the Community about outages and restoration times. The AMI meters are integrated with the OMS and report outages automatically. In addition, BELCO will be making major investments in its transmission and distribution system that will facilitate Bermuda’s energy future.

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Malta, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom are expected to have 100% smart metering by 2020


More control.
More reliability.
Better billing.

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